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The Digital Supply Chain: Leveraging new technologies to drive agility and responsiveness to gain a competitive advantage

Digital tools for Supply Chain Managers are dramatically changing the possibilities for effective Supply Chain Management.

Companies which do not invest in the digital supply chain and redefining their supply chain capabilities are being left behind.
In the last few years new technologies such as the IoT, Robotics, Smart Factories and 3D printing plus the rapidly maturing platforms providing cloud computing and SAAS offered the opportunity for Supply Chain practitioners to re-imagine how they serve customers and outperform their competitors. Still at the pilot stages, AI (artificial intelligence) and virtual reality tools are finding niche roles at the early adopters.

These new possibilities provide the greatest value when combined to redefine processes, increase customer retention and provide better data for more effective decision making.

Much of the potential improvements come from better understanding of customers and customer data. These data can be used to help plan the operational processes to fulfil customer orders on time and in a cost effective way which in turn means you have an agile and responsive supply chain.

As a supply chain practitioner, how can you use these technologies to drive operational costs reduction but at the same time provide excellent customer service?

At ‘ISC’ Europe 2017, now in it’s 2nd year, we will be examining these significant changes, identifying whether the hype has got ahead of the reality and presenting some case studies from early adopters. In addition, delegates will learn:

• How to get started and what the business case might look like

• Where might these technologies fit within the supply chain operations of your company

• What are the implications for key processes such as demand forecasting and S&OP in an environment of continuously updated sales information and a more agile, faster customer response

• What does the future hold for companies that are able to differentiate themselves from their competitors by mastering these new tools

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